Debris Flow Disaster Events

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debris flow torrents
1 104 OtherCollapse Nantou/Ren'ai/Jingying Vil. 7K at Provincial Highway 85  () 2015-08-01 Provincial Highway 85 is the main access for Hetzuo Village. There started to take place some small-scale landslide around 7K of Provincial Highway 85 from July. On 5:00, August 1st, it extended to a large-scale landslide. The debris buried the access road for 50 meters where interrupted the traffic and 2000 residents were affected. The landslide area was 7500m2 with 45000m3 debris. View
2 104 OtherDebris Flow // Gasenausz Bridge  () 2015-09-02 The circulation of Typhoon Soudelor brought lots of precipitation in Nantou. A debris flow took place at upstream of Gasenausz Bridge. The debris overflowed the channel and flowed into houses. After a pouring rain on Sep. 2nd, the debris on the upstream slid down the channel again. One landslide area is about 1800m2 buried with 3600m3 debris. The debris buried the bridge for 10 meters and the road lost its foundation for 5 meters. View